Slow Fashion

What is the Slow Fashion Movement?

Companies that keep up with the slow fashion mindset follow leaner production schedules, with small-batch collections, almost zero waste, and aim to reduce textile waste.

The goal is to create timeless, versatile pieces rather than faithfully chasing galloping trends.
This fact encourages customers to build minimalist wardrobes and invest in clothes that they will keep and enjoy for a lifetime.

To achieve this of course, high quality materials are used, mainly linen, organic cotton or tencel, which last over time but also keep the environmental impact low.

This new way of doing things brings endless opportunities to both our society and our environment.

It provides the opportunity to activate new local markets that respond to other types of needs than global ones, it promotes diversity, it creates more jobs in decent and respectful conditions, it helps us realize the damage that fast fashion is causing to our society and planet,

For this reason, at Semiology we want to contribute and be part of the change by providing decent working conditions for our employees, being kind to every entity associated with our company, promoting diversity and choosing processes and materials that do not further harm the our planet.

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